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Frequently Asked Questions#

"Where Is My Product?"#

If you bought one of our products, first of all:

Thank you for your trust and purchase!

We currently work with the WarriorPlus platform.

Therefore, after the checkout of your purchase you should get automatically 2 emails that look like these:

WarriorPlus Purchase Receipt

Let's open the receipt email:

WarriorPlus Product Delivery Email

Please check your inbox (as well as your other email folders/tabs) and see if you can find the email with the receipt:

  • From: WarriorPlus <>
  • Subject: [RECEIPT] Lazy Commissions

If you're working with Gmail, simply copy & paste the following line into the search field at the top like this: 

Gmail Search For Email Receipt

If you can't find the [RECEIPT] email: Don't worry.

In this case, please send an email to and share with us the email address you used to purchase the product.

"I Want A Refund" (Refund Policy)#

With a few exceptions, most of our products come with a guarantee.

If you are not 100% delighted with your purchase let us know within the refund period and provide your payment receipt.

Then we'll go ahead and refund your purchase.


Please note: Any abuse of our refund policy will result in you being blocked from doing future business with us. This can include but is not limited to:
- Being abusive or aggressive in any way.
- Refunding more than one purchase without a valid reason.
- Disputing a payment instead of resolving it with us.
- Requesting refunds after the refund period has expired.

Let's just be fair and honest with each other:

Please don't be that person who buys something, does nothing with it, and then asks for the money back.

This is the quickest way to get yourself blocked and blacklisted by the community.

In addition, this behavior will not get you ahead when it comes to your online business.

We are here to help, and we're honestly trying to help you in the best way possible - through our products and services.

In fact, we try to overdeliver on every promise made and delight every single client - every time when we release a new product or service.

Even before any transaction has taken place we go above and beyond just to provide the best help and make the whole process as enjoyable as possible.

If you genuinely ask for a refund and submit your request before the refund period has expired, then you will be refunded in full and we can part as friends.

Get In Touch With Me Here

"How Do I Access The Private Facebook Group?"#

There IS NO official, private or public group on Facebook that we run.

Instead, our community of like-minded entrepreneurs, pro affiliate marketers, and new online marketers lives in an exclusive, private group environment on the Discord platform and it's called the Secret Affiliate Insider.

Access to the group is not free as we provide a lot of support in realtime and advanced affiliate trainings to our members.

The Secret Affiliate Insider is our home online.

And we prefer working with people who are serious about becoming professional affiliate markters.

If you're interested in becoming a member of the Secret Affiliate Insider:

Secret Affiliate Insider

"I Came Across An Offer From You Priced At $0.00 - Is The Program Really Free?"#

Yes, there is no charge at all.

"How Long Will It Take (For Me) To Make Money With Your Course?"#

There is no legit way for me to determine how long it'll take for you to make your first commission online.

We're still talking about real business here.

In addition, I don't know about your circumstances, your skills, your abilities to absorb new knowledge and be open-minded towards new ideas, and especially I don't know your attitude and your ability to take action on what I'm sharing within my products.

Some people can go through a course and run with it.

They don't need any further help.

Others struggle to take action because their circumstances are different or they have internal, mental blocks that prevent them from moving forward.

We have to overcome those first, and I'm happy to help you with that - as that's what I had to do, too.

So how can I possibly know all these variables and circumstances in order to give you an honest and direct answer to your question?

What I suggest instead is that we focus on making consistent progress, every day.

In the end, what counts is that you adopt a long-term, business-focused mindset and I promise you if you don't give up, you will get there.

No matter what.

Whatever it takes.

And if you need (more) help with this process, let's have a chat.

"Do I Really Need Tool XYZ To Make This Work?"#

If you're serious about making this business model (affiliate marketing) work, and you truly want to build your very own, solid, reliable, professional, and highly profitable online business, then you will have to make two investments:

  • a simple, professional website
  • an autoresponder

There's no point in trying to "avoid or work around" these costs.

Please see the "Required Tools" section of Lazy Commissions again.

"I Think This Is All A Scam"#

Please take the time to go through the mindset section of Lazy Commissions.

You'll realize that all we're doing - as professional online marketers - is

  • helping clients to solve problems
  • helping clients to get results

That's really it.

Nothing "scammy" about that, right?

If you still feel like one of our products didn't deliver on the promises made on the sale page:

Please get in touch with us.

We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

"How Do I Book A Call With Tim?"#

Please contact Tim within the Secret Affiliate Insider.

"I Have A Different Question"#

Please send me an email:

Thank you!